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This unique one-of-a-kind croc tail gun bag comes with a tag from the Department of Parks and Wildlife to show its authenticity and that it was caught legally. The bag was handmade in Darwin from a locally caught crocodile that measured 3.6 meters long (approx. 11feet 8 inches). The inside size of the bag is comparable to that of a medium to large gun bag.

Australian crocodile skin is very tough and is considered the highest quality of all crocodile skins. It will provide a very long service life and is an original design. There are no others of its type on offer anywhere else.

Price is $12K USD or $17.7K AUD – Including shipping and insurance.


The 2006 Message Musket Collection has only two remaining pieces left, and they have just now become available for purchase.

This exposed hammer sporting double barrel shotgun was painted by Mario Mankara, a local Tiwi Northern Territory artist famous for his carved and painted birds.

The shotgun is decorated the same way traditional spears and clubs are painted as ornamental pieces.

The shotgun is functional, hence it is registered as category a firearm in Australia and the buyer will need to have it shipped to a licensed firearms dealer. The price is $8k USD ($11,660 AUD).


The Message Muskets Collection is comprised of seven working guns, three with the distinctive message painted on their stocks.

The message reads as follows:

The first is a Brown Bess Musket (David Pedasoli), the first of the collection. The message being in the Tiwi language, called message sticks. Traditional message sticks were made and crafted from wood and were generally small and easy to carry (between 10 and 30 cm). They were carved or painted with symbols and decorative designs which conveyed messages and information. The message speaks of an invasion in the Tiwi's native tongue, and the forced acquisition of land formally and completed owned by the Tiwi people.

The message goes on to speak of the land and the law being changed at gun point and by order of the English crown.

The musket on offer is the second message musket, a story of continuous occupation of a land handed to indigenous sons from father to son unhindered for thousands of years. But at this stage the English guns that originally took the land are still used to hold the new English acquired land of Australia.

The collection was completed in 2006 and this musket, the Snider Message Musket, is available delivered to the US for $30k USD ($43,726 AUD).

The collection was featured in the national gun magazine sporting shooter and exhibited in the Royal Darwin Show. The collection has only two pieces left.

I will be available in the US in approximately 12 weeks' time. If interested in meeting a time can be arrange to meet with the creative artist behind the pieces of work.

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